Binga’s Kujatajata hit maker has big dreams


Vibrant Binga-born Zimbabwe Prisons Correctional Service (ZPSC) artist Day Tawanda Mudimba has become a household name in the country after the release of his chart topping song Kujatajata.

Mudimba was one of the biggest winners at the 2022 Zimbabwe Music Awards (ZIMA) and National Arts Merit Awards.

He believes that the arts sector plays an essential role in the growth of the economy and also in the marketing of Zimbabwe to tourists, hence his deliberate efforts to showcase Tonga culture in his music.


Day Tawanda (DT) spoke to VicFallsLive reporter Nothando Dube (ND) about his music journey.

Below are excerpts from the interview.

ND: Please tell us briefly, who is Bio DT Mudimba?

DT: Mudimba is a musician born Day Tawanda Ncube at Kalungwi -Muswa Village under chief Siabuwa in Binga District in the year 1984.

For academics, I went to Kalungwizi Primary and Manyoni High in Gokwe respectively.

ND: How can you describe your art?

DT: My type of art can be described as Sungura music fused with Zambezi Valley rhythms.

ND: When did you realise you can sing.What would you say marked the beginning of your arts career?

DT : I realised that I can sing since childhood, I recall my sister telling me that I used to sing while asleep at a very tender age.

I took music to another level when we formed the Manyoni High school choir.

ND: Can you tell us about your recent achievements in terms of awards?

DT: We recently got a Best Sungura Award 2022 from Zimbabwe Music Awards ZIMA and also an Outstanding Newcomer 2022 award from National Arts Merit Awards.

I feel so happy, very humbled and thankful at the same time for such recognition and honour.

ND: What challenges do you face as an artist based outside big cities where there is a potentially bigger market and access to sponsors?

DT: As artists outside big cities, we lack access to information that can help take our art to a better level.

We lack access to equipment for rehearsal and recording studios.

We lack exposure to art facilities and media and also people who can assist through knowledge as to what to do next. I need to earn a living from it.

There is also a lack of sponsors, who could help financially with the promotion of our arts.

ND: What targets have you set yourself as an artist?

DT:. Within the next five years, we intend to take our music to the international market, to bring recognition and appreciation to our African Cultural up-brings, values and lifestyle to the world and to unify different tribes of Africa through music.

Our plans going forward are to produce another single that will be out anytime soon together with its video since we did not do a video for ‘Kujatajata’ due to lack of financial resources and we will be engaged in live shows as per request by our fans.

ND: Where can people find your art?

DT: Our music is found on all major online stores, i.e, Spotify, Deezer and YouTube to mention but a few.

ND: Who is your inspiration?

DT: I am inspired by quite a number of giants in the music industry but I like music from Decibel, Leonard Dembo, Alick Macheso, Freeman HKD and Kwejani Band.

ND: Besides singing, what else do you do to earn a living?

DT: Besides music, I am a correctional officer at ZPCS.


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