Hwange prisoners struck by lightning back in detention


The 13 prisoners from Hwange’s Mbalila Prison, who were struck by a bolt of lightning while having lunch, have been released from hospital.

The prisoners were admitted to St Patricks Hospital and four were sent to Bulawayo’s Mpilo Hospital as their condition was critical.

Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services (ZPC) national deputy spokesperson Superintendent Peter Chaparanganda told VicFallsLive on Tuesday that all the prisoners were back in their cells.

“They have all stabilized and are recovering fully from their prison cells,” Chaparanganda said.

“Some of them who were at St Patrick’s Hospital were discharged on Saturday and the others the following day.”

Chaparanganda said the group was struck by a bolt of lightning around mid-day on Friday when they were having lunch in the prison courtyard.

The Meteorological department of Zimbabwe has warned that this season’s rains will be coupled with heavy hailstorms and lightning.

In an advisory, it warned that “lightning is a major risk during this period, When thunder roars, go indoors.

“If outdoors, do not shelter under isolated trees or shed. If no shelter is available, try to couch as low possible with only your toes touching the ground.”

Lightning strikes normally kill up to 100 people, mostly rural children.

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