Bulawayo’s KATSO unleashes debut single


In her debut single Kunjani, [How are you?] KATSO’s music embodies her vivid journey across genres and styles, and her vocal delivery speaks to the soul.

The message of the song is simple: Check up on your loved ones.

Her lyrics connect with any side of humanity; expressing the struggles of daily existence and the need to show affection towards one another as human beings – especially at a time when the world needs healing.

“I am a person who likes to know how people are doing,” KATSO said.

“I am naturally a bubbly person and so I like seeing people happy.

“Kunjani for me means checking up on our friends our relatives especially at a time like this (Covid-19).

“No matter where you are in the four corners of the world, you need someone to talk to.

“People are going through the most and they don’t know who to talk to.

“Reaching out to them could be one of the most considerate things we can do to express our love.

“We all need a brother, a sister or simply a friend to check up on us. Kunjani is my way of reaching out to people and asking them how they are doing in this life.”

It comes as no doubt that this songstress is on the right path towards creating meaningful music with substance.

The song was released on September 24, 2021 on online music streaming platforms and various radio stations.

Compact discs are also available for sale.

Kunjani was written by renowned musician Thandy Dhlana, recorded by Erustus Nleya at Loude records and produced by Prince Joel Nyoni.

KATSO is working on her album and more spiritually uplifting afrojazz music can be expected from her soon.

Who is KATSO?

KATSO is a young musician from the city of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

Emerging from a rich arsc background across different disciplines and genres, she has evolved with a soulful, jazzy afro-pop sound that resonates with a wide spectrum of music-lovers.

KATSO is no stranger to the music industry, and has performed with various young music groups in Bulawayo, including Praise Unlimited Acapella (2013-2014), the Bulawayo Polytech Band/choir (2014-2016), Vocal X (2015), and Afro Queens Band (2016).

In 2017, she was introduced to the theatre world with a role in the exciting production ‘Blood Tongue: The Musical’ by Nhimbe Trust, where KATSO began to realise how her voice could be a valuable instrument in theatrical productions.

In 2021 she has been part of the ‘Here, There, Now’ project, an arsc collaboration between Lyric Hammersmith Theatre of London, and Nhimbe Trust.

The digital storytelling project linked young female actors from Bulawayo and London to create, portray and share thought-provoking monologues on issues of womanhood, identy and race.

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