Bloodshed in Gwanda as police gun down four suspected armed robbers


Police in Gwanda on Wednesday gunned down four suspected armed robbers in the Matabeleland South capital.

In a tweet, police said, “The suspects had robbed the complainant of a vehicle in Gwanda CBD (central business district) at around 1000 hours.”

Police promised more details about the shooting incident.

The country has of late recorded several incidents of armed robberies in Harare, Bulawayo and other cities and towns.

Some of the armed robberies have been orchestrated by members of the security forces, but police have been criticised for their shoot to kill policy when handling suspects.

On June 27, police shot two Chitungwiza residents in while trying to apprehend an alleged one of the armed robbers.

One of the shooting victims, Pamela Muchazorwera notified the police of her intention to sue the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) for damages.

Muchazorwera, through the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights, told the ZRP that “the use of guns in the circumstances constitutes a disproportionate use of force, which unnecessarily endangers members of the public.” – Additional reporting by Studio 7

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